Nimble for Good


I'm a very glass is half full type of chick, in which finding any type of silver lining to the chaos has been a challenge in 2020. However, despite humans royally messing up, the earth is actually getting a break from our toxic traits and healing. I saw a satellite view of earth when humans were locked away inside and it was a serious moment of hope. The fact I can even see the mountains clearly instead of the outline of them beneath the smog here in LA is unreal.

As with many lessons being delivered the year, this needs to be a big one. That if we just "return to normal" and act like changes are not only critical but necessary for us as a collective on this planet, we are literally self sabotaging our future. Normal didn't work on many fronts from the environment, to political structures, to pandemic responses, to how we treat each other (aka a whole society built on racial oppression). Normal can go in the trash. Throw the whole thing out, it is time to start over and do better.

"What can I do, it's the big companies ruining the environment" perhaps is going through your head. Or maybe that you are just one person so you are not ruining the environment alone. But here is the reality, we are ALL the consumers. We consume. Yes, the things we consume are generally being funneled to us with what feels like minimal choice in the matter, but end of the day, the consumer has the ultimate power. If we as a consumer-collective refuse to consume the things perpetuating the environmental downfall, then they have to change them.

In this journey of 'do better', I have found some really amazing brands making our conscious consumption so much easier. This particular brand not only is helping clean up our mess by making their products from recycled and sustainable materials, they have made an extremely impactful partnership. Nimble is a personal tech company making all the essential tech related products we need on a daily basis without it being at the expense of Mother Nature. The reality is, tech is not going anywhere, so they have focused on how can we make the this space eco-friendly. They teamed up with Verizon to make a commitment to the planet which includes:

- Them being the first U.S. telecom to issue a green bond, raising $1 billion in net proceeds for sustainability

- Committed to saving more than double the amount of global emissions than their operations create by 2022

- Committed to renewable energy for 50% of total annual electricity consumption by 2025

- Committed to carbon neutrality by 2035, through emission reduction, renewable and clean energy, carbon offsets



In light of using this brand myself and supporting this amazing movement, I am doing a Nimble Giveaway!! Here is how you can WIN a Nimble kit that includes a potable charger, a wireless charging pad, and USB chargers:

  • Follow @nimbleforgood on Instagram and our page @bodybymemethod
  • Post an Instagram story about one change you are going to make/commit to for Earth post-quarantine (make sure to tag @bodybymemethod and @nimbleforgood so we can see)
  • Tag three friends on the contest post on the @bodybymemethod page
  • WINNER SELECTED 07/11/20 12 PM PST



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