Product Review: FREE TRAIN


If you are like me running became as much of a quarantine pass-time as it was part of my training program. The Free Train literally became my best friend (in addition to all my house plants) over these last four months, and for good reason. There is NOTHING more annoying than 1. having things bouncing in your pockets while running 2. holding onto things while running 3. needing all the things with you but no where to put them while running.


Then I found Free Train. So this lightweight vest holds it all. Living in the city, going for a run isn't as simple as stepping out the door and taking off. We need our phone (for music and safety purposes), Keys (car or house depending departure location), a debit/credit card (you have to be prepared for potential I'm dying and need electrolytes stops), and now in this current climate a mask. Also side note, the phone is essential for me and to be placed at my chest where the Free Train holds it because I use the Nike Run Club app to track my runs (pace, route etc). Major perks of this vest versus a fanny pack or running pack;

  1. It fits perfect to the body, not creating any additional bulk or bouncing during even the fast pace intervals (I like to think my intervals are fast fast haha)
  2. It fits every body type
  3. Your phone screen actually works through the plastic protective pocket (so you can change songs, check that annoying email that is interrupting your workout, etc)
  4. It is waterproof (we all know how much I sweat, so I think my verification of it's water-proof status should be all you need)
  5. It actually fits my bulky car remote key and I don't even feel it (it's a cool shoulder pocket)
  6. The VR model is reflective (which is great for those evening or early morning runs where visibility is key)



Oh and I can't forget!

7. I feel like a badass wearing it. Definitely a 5 star rating for looking like I went harder than what I actually did. 


I'll be sure to do a blog post this month about my quarantine running training! Click below to get your Free Train so you are reading for when I drop my running guide.


Catch my energy,