"What Are You Training For?"

If I had a nickle for every time someone has asked me "What are you training for"...

I've always come from a "why" that was surrounding a "win"; to shave 30 seconds off my time, to win the race, to place in a fitness show. I became so dependent on these measurable reasons that I always felt like I needed one to keep going. Like I needed a reason to justify my hard work, consistency, and discipline. Because if I didn't have a reason, I was crazy for doing so. As one thing ended I would find another to keep a reason going because I didn't want to stop. At the end of every 30 day countdown, I found another.

Then it was one day, my last bikini show in fact, that it all hit me. If I kept searching for measurable things to justify working on myself, then was I creating a ceiling stunting my own growth? I was standing on a stage, and on my left and right were two girls who I looked identical to, they looked identical to me. My why wasn't ever to achieve a predetermined standard set by the judges sitting in front of me. It wasn't ever about a championship. It was about becoming the best me. From that day on I didn't need a reason to answer with. A reason to justify eating healthy when others ask "what are you dieting for". A reason to justify going to the gym even on my vacation when people ask "what are you training for". I didn't need a reason for my consistency anymore. Because my why couldn't be measured. My why is to become the best me.