Instagram Pages That Just Make You Feel Good


If you are someone who has ever said the words "I just need a break from social media" because you feel like it either distracts you or brings you down, then this post is for you. Social media has become an almost necessary part of our daily lives, but yet for many really adds no value and for some it actually has become a "negative" habit. Well my friends, I am here to tell you that you've been using social media wrong this whole time. Just like the saying "you become like the people you spend your time around" (or something along those lines), you become like what you follow. In real life you wouldn't spend hours everyday with someone who is a Negative Nancy, only talks about things that bring you down, constantly distracts you, so why would you do so on social media. Even the act of aimlessly scrolling or clicking has subconscious effects. Your eyes and mind are ingesting everything and over time it can influence you. "Influencer" is exactly that. It is everyone you follow because the energy they are putting out is influencing your energy. So, I decided to start series of how to become a 'Selective & Conscious Follower' and maximize your social media usage for your benefit starting with this post today. Here are 12 accounts that I found during quarantine and just plain make you FEEL GOOD!


 1. @plantkween

I am sure you all know my plant obsession by now - but the energy that this beautiful soul gives off through Instagram is everything. There is no way you can follow and not end up making plant purchases that make you feel just plain GOOD. A necessary follow.
2. @upworthy
I literally cannot tell you the last time I watched the "news". I got rid of cable years ago and have never looked back. However, the art of agenda pushing and falsifying information sharing can creep into your social media if you aren't careful. I have my iPhone blocking key words like "Trump" and only follow news accounts like deliver positive stories such as this account! Highly suggest making these changes.
3. @realadamrose
This was the best TikTok discovery. You need to follow him on both TikTok and IG. The daily comedic relief is refreshing. He takes the irony of current events and helps you laugh about it. Something we ALL need in this time.
4. @iamtabithabrown
I absolutely adore this woman. She is positive energy wrapped up in a vegan sandwich. If it isn't her candid un-cut videos with her beautiful family making you smile, its her and her hair Donna. She will have you eating plant based and smiling in no time. She is the best thing on social media in 2020 and I stand by that.
5. @prince_ea
He always seems to deliver the message you need in that moment. Between his amazing visuals and creativity, his page will make you stop and have some necessary time of reflection and perspective shaping.
6. @theplantbasedmd
ACTUAL helpful nutrition information. One thing that really grinds my gears about the fitness and health world on social media is terrible and false information. Almost everything is to push a money making diet agenda and not about your actual health. This page is nothing but education and great info!
7. @officialmackab
Do you want to feel a surge of happiness from reggae songs about fruits and vegetables? Thank me later.
8. @tourtheplanet
 Because we can't travel. These images will keep the dream alive.
9. @spreadlovemovement_
More feel good news to remind you that there are actually beautiful souls in this world. 
10. @goodnews_movement
Prepare for heart warming videos. We all need those.
11. @thelesliejordan
 This man is everything. Period.
12. @lovewhatmatters


 There handle sums it up. Love what matters.


All for now folks. Refresh that feed.


Catch my energy,