20 Ways You Can Self-Care

20 Ways You Can Self-Care


Self-Care has arguably been one of the most commonly used terms used in 2020, and for good reason. But, I think it has been a term contained in a box of face masks and drinking water, which is not even scratching the surface of what self-care truly means. My definition is ANYTHING that makes you feel good that you are doing FOR YOU. Being with yourself by yourself is a craft everyone needs to master in their lifetime to tap into their highest self. If you aren't making these things a regular part of your week, then you are setting yourself up to be in a position of trying to pour from an empty cup. You gotta fill that cup up baby. So, I decided to put together a list of 20 self-care ideas!


  1. Making a total vibes playlist - cranking it as you do things around the house or driving in the car. Music is energy. Instant boost.
  2. Watering your plants. I can't explain the therapeutic feeling of knowing you're giving your plants the love they need. If you don't have plants, let your self-care journey start by getting some!
  3. Not setting an alarm clock on Sunday and simply letting your body sleep without an agenda. Not having a schedule is one of the greatest mental resets you need and are probably lacking. Always have deadlines, timelines and alarms can cause an accumulative effect of rushing. Rushing is the best way to lose the ability of living for the moment. Slow down, life happens fast.
  4. Adult coloring book or a paint-by-numbers. Both available on Amazon and a total vibe game changer. As adults we forget the joy hidden in the simple things in life. A much needed reminder.
  5. Journal. This is doesn't mean you have to write a daily dear diary entry, it can be letting out your feelings, random thoughts or the things you are grateful for. A pen to paper helps you sift through the things that really matter, and slow over-thinking down. Think of it like mental cardio.
  6. Go to nature and sit. Maybe it is the middle of the woods, the beach or a field of flowers. Sit, phone off, be still, be grateful.
  7. Take an epsom salt bath. Light a few candles, play some jazz, and unwind. 
  8. Organize your closet. An ordered house is an ordered mind. And let's face it being able to see all your clothes in an organized manner really makes the outfit process a whole lot easier throughout your week.
  9. Make a photo album. When was the last time you looked at photos that weren't in your camera roll on your phone? Photos are moments and having them printed and in an album is such an amazing feeling to look through.
  10. Airplane mode. Have a time set every week such as a Sunday morning when you have your phone in airplane mode or off completely. THIS is mandatory self-care. Disconnect baby.
  11. Make lists. Getting yourself organized is such a good feeling. It is like brushing your hair and getting all those knots out. And often what felt overwhelming before becomes super manageable when we see it organized on paper.
  12. Take a road trip. Even if its 30 minutes down the road. Pack snacks and roll the windows down. Nothing like the feeling of freedom on the road.
  13. Have a picnic. When was the last time you sat on the grass and just enjoyed good food and nature? All the vibes.
  14. Gua Sha. Place that bad boy in the fridge and enjoy. Not only is it amazing for the lymphatic system it just feels like heaven.
  15. Write yourself a love letter. List everything you love about yourself and keep it somewhere you can re-read and remind yourself of how amazing you are.
  16. Buy a bouquet of flowers. Brighten your space, you deserve it.
  17. Do breath work. Breathing is one of the most under-rated focuses and something we are almost all doing wrong daily. Here is a great beginners guide to start.
  18. Nap. Chances are you operate under the amount of sleep you need throughout the week, so nap, take time to rest. Your body requires this to perform at its best/highest ability.
  19. Essential oils. An essential oil diffuser is questionably my favorite thing in my house. Smells/scents are emotion triggers and you can completely change your energy & vibration with different aromas. I will do a future post about this in detail.
  20. Read. It forces you to sit and be in the moment. That is true self-love.


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