2020, the year we didn't know we needed.

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2020, the year we didn't know we needed.


Well, I know that most of us didn't have a worldwide pandemic or revolution for racial equality and justice on our 2020 vision board, but we are here, in the now, this isn't a movie, it is our reality. I am actually writing this before we have officially re-launched because I want my words to be coming from this raw and real moment. 

If you are like me you are sitting here shifting through layers of emotions trying to process it all. You are still trying to figure out how to come out of quarantine, in debt, drained of your savings but then put all of that on a shelf titled "small problems that are fixable" in the grand scheme of what really matters right now of fighting for years of racial injustice to end. Credit card debts can be fixed over time, an innocent life taken by police cannot be brought back. It is almost like 2020, served a dose of reality check to each and every one of us. It honestly has made me re-evaluate what and who is important in my life on so many levels. Legit our "normal" got shaken and stirred into something I now never want to return to. Honestly, I don't think any of us should return to what was. That clearly wasn't working. I don't want what was December 2019 because now here in June 2020, I can't un-see, un-feel, or un-do the reality that has been exposed to us. 2020 was the year we all needed to understand what is truly important. 


But where do we go from here you're probably wondering. Well, we are in a time that two things are going to happen. 1. We have to continue to come together, support each other and stay consistent in our messaging/voices/actions to actually create permanent change in this systematic oppression and injustice. 2. We have an opportunity to redefine and recreate our direction, purpose, and rebuild from that. I urge you to not sit and wait for things to return to normal, but sit down and write what you want your new normal to look like. Now that you see how quickly everything can be taken away to the bare bone structure of basic life, what is important to you? When you were quarantined at home what mattered? Family, loved ones, to have enough food to eat and a roof over your head right? Now that you have seen how quickly your safety isn't a priority when tear gas and rubber bullets were thrown at you for peacefully expressing your voice and standing up for what is right, you learn what matters right? You see when the New Year was being celebrated and everyone was posting 20/20 Vision, this is what that meant. We can see what is important more clearly than ever. And that is we have each other, we have to from here on move with love and support of each other. Because end of the day, they can take our jobs, they can keep us inside with quarantines or curfew, but we've got each other. We can grow and rebuild, we can form new incomes, we can create new ways to evolve together. But in order for that to happen we have to fight for equality. We will be the generation in the history books that made a dent, a big ass chapter in fact. But it needs us to learn from 2020, see with 20/20 vision.


So, what I have done is what I do best. Make lists, Write things on paper. Maybe this can help you too:

1. I made a list of things that were important to me and then the things that no longer are important to me such as getting my nails done or worrying about my Instagram aesthetic. Now saying these things outlaid I realize how foolish they sound, but it is easy to get really caught up in things that don't matter. Being forced to slow down or pause helps murky water settle, and you can see things as they are versus as they appear.


2. I wrote my ideal schedule. What does my ideal day look like. Sleep became a priority during quarantine, and I never felt better actually getting it. That is now a non-negotiable for my days moving forward. I wrote how I want my days to look, how I want the week to flow. I will rebuild my schedule with this structure, because it is much easier to rebuild something with a new foundation, versus renovate once that structure is already standing.


3. Started writing letters and using a film camera. In such a high pace world we live in, having to slow down made me see how much having moments that aren't shooting off a text or rushing in traffic are so important. It also made me see that no matter how evolved we become, the basics still remain. There are so many lost arts and bringing these two things back gave me a sense if appreciation I feel like I lost. I also want to help those close to me feel that too. I write a letter each month to those I love and got a film camera to pause moments and appreciate them. Emails are not the same and taking 100 pictures on your phone to get that "one" and then honestly never looking at it again, just doesn't do it,


4. Reflected on my impact in this world, my purpose, my responsibility. If there is anything 2020 should make you feel, it is reflective. It is so easy to get caught up in your own problems, your own stress, your own day to day, that you forget about your impact on everyone else and that you are literally sharing this space with billions. I had said in an Instagram caption, we are basically all roommates. Just like you have to take on some chores like the dishes when you live with someone else, you have to do the same here on Earth. I really spent some time looking at how I could help more, be more aware, what selfless acts I could do, how I could contribute. I really encourage you to do the same, not for an instagram post to show the world you're a good person, but because it should be something we think about and commit to as much as we check our feeds.


I hope this helps, especially if you feel like this year has pulled the rug right out from under your feet. Just know you are not alone, you are in fact the exact opposite, surrounded by so many people who feel the same. This is a time for a new chapter, quite literally and I hope I can help you put pen to paper.


Catch my energy,