30 Day Extra Mile Challenge

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30 Day Extra Mile Challenge


During quarantine I really did a LOT of introspective work (because let’s face it we had a lot of time with ourselves). I’ve never had an issue with discipline in regards to training because my whole life was built around having the mentality of an athlete. But it hit me, there is a fine line between routine and complacency. In fact, when the routine becomes so engrained that discipline is not longer required, it can easily become complacency. This was when I realized, discipline is like a muscle. You have to actively keep it engaged and use it. Because if you aren’t careful, your life is so quickly run on autopilot. Where, everyday, you repeat the same exact things, and go to the same exact places, and next thing you know a whole week passes by. I mean, a whole year passed by rather quickly didn’t it? Last thing I remember is the breaking news that the whole world was shutting down, now here we are almost in 2021. The issue with this autopilot complacency is life is not meant to be lived in a stagnant state. We are designed to evolve and grow. Change is literally inevitable. So, to succumb to staying the same is quite literally fighting nature. You are creating more resistance in your life, by living outside your purpose, by not following your blueprint. Flow is a state of being so aligned with yourself that life quite literally is a journey with the destination already programmed in the GPS, you just need to trust without knowing exactly where it is going.

So, I’m saying all of this to say, to help ignite discipline back up into my life I created a 30 Day Challenge for myself. The day I decided this I was listening to a book by Napoleon Hill, and he talked about the habit of going the extra mile. He said that by going just past where we are told to go, is showing the universe we are willing to accept more than what we are told. It is showing the universe that we don’t believe in these imaginary limitations set “for us”, and believe that we are the abundance that exists. It shows that we are not complacently waiting for things to come to us, that we are going after things. So, I titled my challenge 30 Days of Going The Extra Mile. After doing it, I received so much growth and knowledge about myself, my whole approach to how I lived my daily life changed. It was like I unlocked a part of my mind and consciousness that had been dormant. It was so profound that I am now continuing past the 30 days, and do not see myself stopping. I just see the evolution of these things that I am applying to my daily life. So much so, I felt the need to share this with you all. Now, some of these things are personal to myself and my own growth so I have tried to generalize the concepts, please make this your own. You have to be doing this for you to truly receive the benefit.

I cannot wait for you to activate your discipline and really dive deep into your self journey.


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