A Conversation About Self Talk

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A Conversation About Self Talk


'Your words become the house you live in.' A saying we have all heard, but have you actually tuned in and listened to your words, including the ones you don't speak?

Our brain is full of words all day. We literally have an open dialogue with ourselves subconsciously, but our subconscious mind programs from what we do most. What I mean by that is, if you repeatably are saying/thinking "your fat and no one is going to love you", you are literally setting your internal thermostat to a negative setting that it will always subconsciously return back to. When this becomes your norm, it doesn't matter what is happening positive in your life, you've already coded a negative thought process to every outcome just with your words.

Another major key to realize is despite the complexities of the human mind, it has a very cut and dry determination of energy. Negative words directed at someone else are registered as negative words. Your mind doesn't know the difference and will physically manifest that energy. It is honestly like instant karma if you think about it, your words hurting someone will truly only hurt yourself.

So, how to change this dialogue with yourself...

1. It all starts with recognition

To change the subconscious we have to first become conscious. Become aware of particular verbiage such as; "hate", "can't", "won't", "I wish", "I'll never", "I'm too busy", "I'm stressed", "why me".... and anything else that has a negative context attached to it. Make a mental list of anything you say repeatably that has this negative energy, almost like you said a curse word and got caught.


2. Changing the narrative

Now that you are aware of words and particular conversations with self, the next step is switching those into a positive. Here are some examples:

  • I'm too busy = I am so grateful to have a full schedule
  • I don't want to get up in the morning = I am so grateful I have a new day, I can create this day in anyway I like
  • I am stressed = I have control over my thoughts, my emotions, and my day. Take a deep breath, everything has a solution
  • I am alone = I love being with myself
  • I am fat = I appreciate my body being there for me everyday and have the ability to improve it every day by showing I love it
  • I am broke = I am attracting abundance everyday
  • I fear = I am not worried about what ifs, I focus on what is
  • I am depressed = I am grateful for ..... " and make a list of every little thing ie: the roof over your head, your family, having a job, having food, your health, your body, etc"
  • Look at what they are doing = I am in my own journey moving in my own way
  • Why me = What is the lesson I can take from this experience
  • I never catch a break = I trust my process and know with patience, believe and consistency it will come to me at the right time
  • There is never enough time = Pause and appreciate that exact moment

It is super easy to find the problem in things. The "how it could go wrong", or the issue. What we honestly do not do enough is find the solution or the positive. In every situation I now encounter my automatic programming is, "there's a solution to that", and I do not even entertain the alternative.

With repeatably changing this dialogue, you will start to notice it happening automatically and with that you will feel so much inner peace, I promise. That's called your energy frequency elevating baby!


3. Removing yourself from negative conversations

When you elevate your frequency aka reprogram your energy norm, you will be a lot of aware of things that try to effect your energy. In fact, you may feel more energy sensitive. Congrats, you have now elevated yourself. With this comes the responsibility of also not entertaining negativity around you. It is impossible to remove ourselves from every negative situation, but it is all in how you deal with it. For example you cannot control being in the grocery store line up and someone yelling at the cashier, spreading their negative energy around, but you can detach yourself from it and not let it effect you. For the situations and environments you can control, do, because being around others speaking negatively can effect your programming for your own self talk. I call this creating energy boundaries. Create these boundaries with the people you are around, the types of conversations they engage in, social media accounts you follow, what you watch own TV and even the music you listen to. You are being subjected to energy all day, for what you are  able to control, curate and cultivate on the good kind.


4. Journaling

Lastly, journalling helps me with my self-talk because it is a way to get the words out of my body on paper and really reinforce the meaning of those words. Sometimes our minds can become really chaotic like there are 25 tabs open on your computer at once. Writing and organizing my thoughts also helps organize my words on a daily basis in both speech and thought. I will do a future blog piece on what I call brain dumping which is one of the forms of journaling practices that I regularly do. 


I hope this helps you - here is to positive words & elevating your energy.


Catch My Energy,