A Letter To The Future Me

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A Letter To The Future Me

Hey You,

Tomorrow is your 31st birthday, crazy right. Like how the heck did time pass so quickly. When they say your 30's hit different, I always thought they meant I would be having aches and pains and finding grey hairs. How I was wrong. 30's have meant gaining a whole new insight to my life, and uncovering what truly matters most. I know life can get really hard at times, and there will be many curveballs you have faced between me writing this and you reading this, but I want to write down things I never want you to forget. Valuable things you have accumulated to this 31 year landmark to hold onto tightly. Read this when you need the reminder. Because, life is fast, its beautiful and I vow to you to enjoy every single moment... unapologetically.


1. Cancel all fear baby. You've gotten a whole lot better at this but, you're human, and it takes overriding many, many narratives instilled in you. You recently learned how silly fear is when you took a moment and thought about what you are fearing. Your whole 20's you feared failure. Then you failed, a lot. And still made it out of those failures a better and stronger person. Then when you turned 30 you started fearing not accomplishing and doing everything you wanted in your life. It was literally was like you went from being scared to do something to being scared to not do everything. So we are gonna let go of all that. There, it's gone. "Should be's" aren't how we think or speak. You are following a path by trusting it is for you and moving from a place of passion, pursuit, belief, and intention. The path doesn't have to be clear or on some made-up societal timeline. You are going to reach where you need to go, when you need to be there. Right now reading this you are probably smiling hard knowing the right now me has no idea the beautiful things coming, but trusting they will. I fear not.


2. Do NOT put anything off. And I mean it because I know you. Queen of to-do lists. You want to do something? DO IT. Stop planning everything in the future. Stop over scheduling and filling every slot in your weekly planner. Find that balance between your OCD organization and just letting go. And stop putting off the shit you don't like doing but know you need to. Nothing good has ever happened when you've done that, so let's leave that procrastinating girl in 2020. You almost forgot about that year eh? Phew, that year changed you. That year opened your eyes by removing the layers of daily life that were ultimately distracting you from what life is really about. The saying "don't be so busy making a living that you forget to live" holds truth. You wrote a list of 31 one things you are doing in year 31. Things you haven't done before or always wanted to do. And you are going to do them. Well, if you are reading this in the future it means you did them, so pull out the photo album because you also took tons of film pictures on disposable cameras. Take a moment and enjoy those moments again cause I know they are about to be amazing. I am literally promising to you right now to always live in the NOW. To appreciate and be grateful for every moment.



3. Open that heart girl. I know life really threw you some hard lessons that formed calluses on that heart, but remember just like doing all those pull-ups you do and getting the calluses on your hands.... they simply make you stronger to do more pull-ups, they do not prevent you from doing them. So don't get in your own way of love and opening up to love because you think it's protecting yourself. Those calluses are reminders that you know what to allow in and what not to. They are wisdom. Lead with love and be open. Part of this whole trusting the universe thing is also not doubting yourself, and your ability to be loved because baby I know you have so much love to give. Future me, hold that future husband close because lord knows you went through it finding him. It isn't easy out here sis.



4. Trust. The greatest lesson of them all. Always trust. When you are aligned and in your truest, most authentic space, listening to yourself, growing within yourself, and honoring yourself, the universe has got your back. Don't let anything take you from your alignment, because you have worked do hard to get here. Life is so funny because we really have to spend years stripping away the layers that are distracting us and hiding us from US. And when you do, that's when you learn how beautiful life really is. But you did the work and are continually doing the work to keep yourself in alignment, so all those gut feelings, all those signs....trust them. The hard times? Well you gotta trust them too. Be connected, not attached to people and things. They all have their timing and purpose in your story. And, I cannot wait to read the rest of this story. (Ps, you better be writing your story into a book or movie or I'm going to be mad at you).


Here's to 31! 31 years of building, growing, learning, evolving, and aligning has brought you here. I wouldn't change a thing. Here's to the future years of more moments. Because it really isn't about getting older, it's about growing into your life. And man I am so grateful for it.

Ps, can you tell the future me there's never too many plants. K thanks.


- Em



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