Affirmations: Our Body Hears Everything

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Affirmations: Our Body Hears Everything


I am sure you have all seen the viral video of the little girl standing in the mirror saying her morning affirmations. If not the cutest thing you've ever seen, it yet again shows how we need to follow that innate child tendency of not overthinking everything and simply trusting. Just as I talked about with working out, affirmations aren't just something you can do and poof, they magically make all well in the universe and in your life. There has to be feeling, meaning, intention, and most of all belief behind it. I am here to make you a believer with the combination of science and universal law. Yes hippie-dippie shit has science too. Honestly, if I were to describe all in our residency here on earth from my view point, it's exactly that.... a balance of science and simply trusting universal law.

So let's first break down affirmations. They are literally the words you intentionally tell yourself until you believe them. Universal law is about to enter this group chat. That voice in your head is what you are telling yourself 24/7. I know that most of the time you are probably arguing with it, when it tells you to hit snooze on the alarm clock or skip that workout because you deserve it, you feel like it's working against you. But the sooner you realize you dictate the conversation and its not some evil roommate living in your head, you can use that voice for the greater good of your well-being. To be honest with you, the voice in my head is James Earl Jones (Field of Dreams vibe not Vader), because everything he says sounds epic, and if I am pouring a cup of coffee I want to hear him say its the best damn cup of coffee. It just hits different.

Okay, now that you understand that you've been saying affirmations your whole life just probably the wrong ones, its time to understand why these words that you have between me, myself and I are so impactful. Your body listens to everything you say. I repeat, your body listens to everything you say.... right down to the cellular level. That means, to the very structural level of what makes up you. Don't believe me? Look at a plant, it's a bunch of cells (just like us, without the complicated emotions and destructive habits haha). If you run a science experiment and have a control plant, a plant you play nice music for, and a plant you yell at, the one you play nice music for will grow the most, the one you yell at will grow the least (if at all). You think we are any different? You are literally stunting your own growth by telling yourself whack negative talk. Our cells respond accordingly. To give another example, there is a reason music can make you feel things. A song can make you literally feel sad, or happy in the two minutes it is playing. Why a song can have such a quick and physical effect is because you let yourself FEEL it. Imagine if you let yourself feel your words to that same degree. 

There have been quite a few studies to dive deeper into this cellular level physiology, but one of the many theories behind it is the cortisol cycle that negative self talk causes. That's a big fancy word for 'you are stressing yourself out' and stress really has some drastic negative physical effects on the body (especially over time). This is not even touching on the psychological patterns of your words. Without going too deep I am going to sum it up with one easy to digest statement. If someone in your house told you that you aren't shit every single day, with every single thing you did for years.... you will eventually start believing them. So imagine if that person lived in your head. I'm going to let that sit with you.

So now imagine if you flipped that and told yourself positive things about yourself and your beautiful life you woke up to everyday. It doesn't mean you can't have bad days or be in moods, it means what you decide to give energy to. Mirror affirmations are powerful because you not only are forced to look at yourself (and have that moment of 'ya I'm talking to you') you also are speaking that internal dialogue out loud.

When I say this is one of the most important 5 minute routines you can build into your morning, I mean it. It is why I created the Affirmation Mirror Stickers. They are easy to put on, peel off stickers with words that personally help me direct my conversation with self and align my words, thoughts and energy for the day, Every month I will drop a new set. This first one is called énergie all focused on the energy you put out is exactly what will come back to you. As James Earl Jones would say "build it and they will come"....


Catch my energy,