New Year New Énergie

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New Year New Énergie


Well, we made it. Each year most certainly has its own set of personal challenges, obstacles and hurdles, but 2020 was unique in the challenge as a collective. If the year just passed without an increased level of empathy and lessons extracted from reflection, I strongly suggest you take some time to sit with it. Leaving that energy in 2020 also comes with creating new energy for 2021 and that takes active and intentional shifting.

Step One: Make A List of Shit You Are Letting Go

I highly encourage you to do that tonight. And get specific. Really reflect on the things/thoughts/behaviors that are holding your vibration lower. As referred to on social media your "toxic" traits. I'm personally not a huge fan of that term. But, essentially we are the only person ever responsible for holding ourselves back from continual growth and elevation. No one is perfect, and that is not the goal. However, if you keep repeating mistakes instead of noting the lessons. If you keep turning a blind eye instead of observing what isn't working, then you will stay in the same cycles in your life. For me, 2020 revealed a lot of those things. So write them all out, and really commit to letting them go. These are not things we want to then repeatedly read like a manifestation list. They are to represent the act of detachment. So write and LET GO. Now, comes with this is the commitment to yourself. You gotta have such a strong bond with your own word that you don't let yourself down. And if you can really master this craft, you will find you no longer place expectations on others because the only word that matters is between you and you. Detachment has been one of the hardest practices for me because I invest a lot of time and energy in certain situations and people. However when I was able to realize the outcome will always be what us meant for me, I learned how to let go.


Step Two: Curate New Energy with New Routines

We are a product of what we repeatedly think and do. And we are made up of energy. So you do the math. New energy means new routines. We exist in our best and highest self when we live in flow. That doesn't mean that there won't be pebbles and bends in the river, but it means your moving in the direction that fits and feels best. Flow means not creating unnecessary resistance, and when resistance presents itself you use the redirection as a tool not a barrier. The best way to describe this flow is; BE intentional and surrender. 

Today I started the 30 days of going the extra mile again. I had originally put this together to help get me out of what felt like a rut last year and curate my energy how I wanted it. Then I realized how this could help others so decided to share it. The 15 guidelines to apply daily truly create your flow. I can promise you that. I repeat the 30 days as I feel needed, and every time that I do, I extract something new from it.



Creating a vision board is one of my favorite ways to create a separation in the last year to the new year and provide the visualization component in manifestation. I created these free printable graphics to download and add to your vision board. I pull images and words that really give detailed imagery to what I want to manifest for the year. Again, it is all about the intention you give with it. You have to believe it as much as you see it on that paper. You need to see yourself in those images on that vision board. 


Manifestation as I talked about before happens every day in our subconscious mind and our actions. We are calling things to us without even knowing. So harnessing that power to call what we want to us, is such a integral tool for the energy for this year. I made this journal with a guided manifestation every day. It helps you set the intention of gratitude and then attract what you want. This is a clean slate, new days, new opportunity its time you make it exactly how you want. Because life is short, time passes quickly and nothing in this world stays the same. We are in constant change and evolution. It is time to move towards what makes you happiest. Say what you want to say, feel how you want to feel and get what you want to obtain. 


Catch my energy,