At Home Workout Equipment Must Haves

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At Home Workout Equipment Must Haves


2020 has certainly created some "new normals" and getting creative with working out at home has been one of them. To be really honest with you (and this is coming from the girl who has been in gyms for the last 12 years) I actually enjoy "non-gym" workouts so much I don't really plan on returning to that environment. It's funny, I recently reflected back to growing up in literally the middle of nowhere Nova Scotia, Canada, where there were NO gyms, and I would train in my living room and run the roads. I didn't see it as a restriction or limitation then because it was all I knew, so why should I feel that way now? Sometimes we need these reminders of our unnecessary dependencies.

The creativity has been flowing lately, and I have been channeling it all into developing the programs for all the X2 clients (if you want to get trained by me sign up at Below are some of the essentials I have been using in my fluid workout space of my living room to the outdoors, besides my own bodyweight (which has been my most used piece of equipment and free)!


1. Suspension Training Straps: these can hook in a doorway or around the park's pull-up bar. I must say having the ability to do a varying incline pushup and decline for body rows has been extremely helpful. Not to mention you can hit a variety of single leg work, core movements, and a killer hamstring bridge move.



2. Medicine Ball: This might be the object my clients fear seeing the most (especially because mine is 20 lbs), but I LOVE using this. Its a slam ball which means it won't bounce up and hit your face (I have done this before haha), but has enough "give" that you can get your hands under it on a slam movement. SUPER durable because I have even had it in the water and it is as good as new.




3. Mat: A good idea for the park life. If all you have is this and your body you can do A LOT. The only limit is your mind really.




4. Mini Bands: These are mandatory for ALL warm-ups and glute activation. If you aren't activating your glutes I am giving you a glare right now. It is actually amazing what other movements you can hit with mini bands such as a tricep extension, a staggered deadlift, bicep curl and more. Plus they are mad cheap.




5. Sliders: So here is a hack for you. These are furniture sliders and come in two pairs. This way you can have an indoor and outdoor pair. Also they are way cheaper than "exercise sliders" but work exactly the same.



6. Loop Bands: What a perfect time to perfect pull-ups! Using these loops bands to create an assisted pull-up is the way to progress yourself into doing them just bodyweight! These are also great for glute thrusts, ab rotations and overhead presses!




7. Handle Bands: These are a great option to add or take away resistance as you can attach many to the one handle. There is a door stop option and can be used in a multitude of ways!





8. Stability Ball: This can function as your part-time office chair and for your workouts. With my home being my office I have found myself sitting more and switching up to sometimes sitting on the ball which has helped prevent my back and hip flexors from tightening. The stability ball is great for abdominal work as it requires balance and core engagement.




9. Dumbbells: Well, let me tell you they are overpriced and disappear in two minutes, Target stays sold out but these are the ones I have been fortunate to keep catching in stock and grabbing. Dumbbells are literally selling off the shelves, but try to grab these ones!




10. Kettlebell: An amazing alternative to dumbbells if you are having trouble getting them - and some of my favorite glute movements are using it!




Hope this helps! Happy home gym building!


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