Dear Soul Mate,

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Dear Soul Mate,


We may have already met, or maybe I haven't met you yet. But, I know you will find your way to me soon.

I think of you often.

I think about everything we are going to do, all the places we are going to see. We laugh a lot, over everything, and you make me appreciate every moment in the moment. We grow together, and never apart. We fill each other up, and know when one needs the other's strength. We can get through anything together.

You see I know you exist because my heart is so full it awaits to be shared with you. I spent years hurting, healing, and learning to love myself so I can love you.

I could have chose to be bitter, to let my scars protect me from being hurt again. But, I knew that all of that fear I had to let go because it was blocking me from you.

You see I think soul mates can come in all forms. Friends, lovers, and even strangers we may never meet. But, you.... you are all three of them to me. Once a stranger, and forever my lover and friend.

I can't promise that life be easy, but I can promise I will be there with you through it all. May our journey be timeless and our love be endless.


Until we meet,