Deferred Living

Deferred Living

It has always been so interesting to me to notice the changes in how our daily lives function from generation to generation. To see how societal advancements have almost removed people from their ability to enjoy life simplicities and into a way of daily life complicated by data, timelines and algorithms. Our generation (millennials), is in such an interesting position of having a freedom in creating our lives as our parents generation didn't necessarily have the same access to, but putting off actually living. It is almost like the age of acquiring "success" has been pushed further and further as the definition of it has also shifted. Almost like we are working for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you are not careful to enjoy the moments you currently have, you may get there and realize the gold was simply a mirage. 

Finding the balance of working with a plan and enjoying the now has been a challenge in my entrepreneurial journey. I would find myself almost feeling guilty for taking time off, or spending money on something I wanted that had absolutely no tie to feeding into my future or business. Then one day, I was listening to interviews of 80-90 year olds, asking them to give advice to their younger selves. One said "living is enjoying", and it hit me that this life is both complicated and so simple. Life isn't designed to have a threshold that you must reach to enjoy it. Instead I adopted the mentality of enjoying each step, each stage and each season.

Ways to Live in The Moment and Build Your Future Simultaneously: 

  • When you make your long-term "business/money" goals also make small term enjoyment goals. Ie: going to a new place every month (even if it in the same city you live in), trying a new hobby, building a collection (mine happens to be plants haha).


  • Have a fun-fund. I use to add all my loose change into a mason jar. Now, I use an app called Acorns that rounds up every debit card payment. Either work at showing you how money is everywhere at all times, you just need to know and own the mentality that you are a magnet for it.


  • Make high-energy choices. I will go deeper into what this means in a future blog post, but some things (in fact most things) are not about their monetary value but rather their energy value. If something raises your energy, aka vibration, that's an investment in your highest energy. That is the most important thing in the end.


  • Make a list of things you enjoy or that make you happy without ANY numerical/money value attached.


  • Remove the pressure. Always remember that your growth in this life is in every day elevating towards your highest self. When you do things that align with your purpose and who you are, you will always experience this elevation and growth. Not all of those things can be measured, calculated or scheduled. Embrace in all that feels good and trust your path when you remain in that energy.



Here is to now. Keep aligning and moving forward while knowing you deserve everything in this life. We only get one. Make it something to smile at The special occasion you once put things off for, is today. Enjoy.



Catch My Energy,