Go With The Flow.

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Go With The Flow.

Well, the irony is real with this one. This is a re-write of my original piece because as I went to upload it was magically lost in the internet abyss, so if this isn't a prime example of the topic I am about to dive into, I don't know what is... It must all mean I had something better to write to ya'll. So enjoy!


Flow 2.0;

Flow is a word that has come up several times this past weekend, and has been on my mind. Sometimes, I honestly just write about all the things that go on in my mind in hopes it will resonate with you. I was on a long drive and thinking about how the traffic was simply flowing (being an LA resident this is a sentence I hardly use). Everyone was moving forward, accepting the speed, not slamming on their breaks or switching lanes and cutting others off. Everyone simply accepted the flow in that moment. Naturally, that got me thinking about the flow we can achieve in life if we learn to let go.

Honestly, we could learn from trees. One of my favorite quotes is "be rooted, but flow." Without a strong foundation built and one's belief in self, you would be blown in every direction, truly getting lost. But, if you didn't bend in the direction of the blowing wind, you would break. 

You see, flow doesn't mean to travel in the path of the least resistance. We actually need resistance. Without resistance we would lack the alternate perspective and appreciation for the progress. We would lack the strength built from the challenges. We would lack the direction. It is all about flowing between the moments of resistance and persistence that truly unlocks and allows what is meant for you to reach you. Always remember, what is meant for you will NEVER pass you by as long as you are in alignment with yourself and your greater purpose.

There is something I call the Ripple Effect. It is where your ability to fully trust in one decision or moment leads to movement in several other areas in your life. That is the true state of alignment, because it means you are in such a place of trust and flow that all parts of your life move as one. However, if you are disconnected and move with fear, doubt, with quick emotional reactions, you are splashing in separate puddles that in the end just get your shoes wet, and spirits dampened.  

So, this week I really challenge you to reflect and look at things in your life you aren't in flow with. Maybe it is certain people in your life that you need to remove, maybe its distractions or lack of discipline in your daily routine. Perhaps it is your procrastination, or not following your passion, ignoring what makes you happy. It might be your way of thinking or having self-sabotaging mental patterns. Whatever it is, find the areas where your water hose is pinched and release them. Water will always flow if you let it. You just have to let it.

Be water this week loves. Flow.


Catch my energy,