Grow Your Own Mushrooms At Home


I have really started embracing the Urban Gardening concept, especially living in an apartment space in LA. Until I have my dream backyard with lots of luscious growing space I will keep searching the most creative ways to bring green life into my city living space (and sharing with you all). Today I introduce to you, MUSHROOMS. If you all know me, you know my obsession with air frying oyster mushrooms, so when I found this grow box for oyster mushrooms, I proceeded to do my happy dance around the living room. Mushrooms actually fascinate me as they are a fungus which grows much differently than your average vegetable. They just need spores and the right conditions to thrive and this box has mastered it to the point of following three simple steps (you don't need a green thumb to get this one right). The video below outlines how easy it was for me and I was able to harvest my mushrooms in just three days! Follow the link under the video to get this product!