My Holiday Gift Giving Guide

My Holiday Gift Giving Guide


If you are having trouble finding a holiday gift for someone that is all about self care - don't stress (because we do not want to raise those cortisol levels), I got you! Here are some of my favorites that will add good energy to someone's life.



Gua Sha Kit:



Dry Brush:


Foam Roller Set:


Meal Prep System:


Tea Cup:


Hatch Natural Sunrise Alarm Clock:


Microgreens Growing Kit:


Stretching Strap:


Happy Light:


Exercise Stretch Mat:




Air Purifier: 


Positive Words Fridge Magnet Kit:



Gifts That Help Others:


Each literary tote purchased helps fund literacy programs and book donations to communities in need around the world


FIGHTING CHILDHOOD HUNGER - 1 in 6 children in America don't know when their next meal will be, but your purchase helps to change that. So far, the FreshJax Campaign To End Childhood Hunger has supplied over 380,051 meals to hungry children in need. One box = one meal donated.


Every Cup Helps a Pup! - We believe that great coffee can serve a greater purpose. Through the sale of our fair trade and organic specialty coffee, we support animal rescue initiatives and organizations providing a second chance to dogs in need of a helping hand.


CANDLES WITH A PURPOSE: This candle was made to bring light to the darkness of human trafficking and slavery. There are still over 20 million people being trafficked or in slavery. Each candle purchased donates to our charity partner, Zoe International, who works to stop the spread of human trafficking and provide healing to victims of such crime. This is not just your ordinary candle. This is a unique candle that brings light to the darkest places in our world.






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