Time is Not Your Enemy

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Time is Not Your Enemy


Once upon a time.....we had time. Then we race time...we waste time....we get lost in time....we can't get back time.

The 24 hours in a day can feel like they pass so fast. It is Friday, you've been waiting all week for the weekend, then in the blink of an eye it's Monday. We literally were just told about the world experiencing a Pandemic in March now boom it's July. Time becomes stress for us. We attach expectations to how much we are suppose to do within it. Birthday's mean another year older, which means another year closer to where we think we should be. It is crazy how something that we are grateful to wake up to and have every day also quickly becomes our "enemy". Yesterday you said tomorrow right? That's a real time mind-f*ck. You think so much about when you are going to do it, that you don't. You push things off into tomorrow like it's guaranteed. This is where I need you to rewire that association. Picture your brain being a computer hard-drive and we are resetting it....Now.

I am going to dip in between talking about time in the context of working out and in life. To me, they are parallels and that is why I speak of it in the same breath. And when you can see that, your results with your body physically will also be assigned with your results in life by applying the same mentality. 

Time (distance, or any other means of measurement) is something we get married to and eventually held captive by. Here is the thing I need you to understand, they aren't law. They aren't meant to keep you contained, they are meant to be guidelines, check points, navigators. Like a road map, they should give you direction, but also give you the freedom of the ultimate destination. For example on a treadmill you see the time and distance as you are running. Those two numbers yes can measure progress, but they should not define effort. If you get so married to those two numbers, then I take you off the treadmill and place you on a track where you can see the whole distance in front of you versus it as a concept in a digital display, you're going to feel like it is almost impossible. But if you are not married to those numbers and instead develop the intrinsic relationship of what the pace an exertion feels like you can replicate it on any surface, any terrain and make it feel the same. Do you see how one will keep you on the hamster wheel repeating life and how one can guide you to keep growing, learning and progressing within yourself?

See with time....you gotta move within it, not held captive by it. You gotta use it to your advantage, instead of letting it hold you back. Take the track and apply it to life context. If you get so married to the idea of what you should accomplish by age 30 or how heavily scheduled your every minute is in the week, you are literally in a rat race of chasing time. And the more you chase it, the further it is actually going to get away from you. If you really think about it broken down, somebody literally created the calendar (let's hope the Mayan's were off on 2020 haha), someone said 'hey at 18 you are an adult', someone said a work week is Monday to Friday. These numbers were all just decided. You do not fit into a predetermined number. I am going to repeat that. YOU do not fit into a predetermined number. 

One of the game changers for me in all of this was reading "The Power of Now" (I'll do a book review for you all soon)....and it brings me to this last thing I am going to leave you with. If you notice when we refer to a moment, it can't actually be numerically defined. A moment just is. The more you live for those and use any number as just a guideline but not a rule, I promise you the more you will live, experience and grow.


Catch my energy,