How the heck do I manifest???

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How the heck do I manifest???

We have all heard the word manifest...but do you know what it really means? Is it a word like meditate, that you use in Instagram captions but don't actually have any idea how to apply in real life? I have seen more Tiktok videos on "how to manifest your dream job, soul mate, or bank account" in the last week than I have fake booties on Instagram (and that's saying something). Social media has a trend of glamorizing these words and honestly taking away from the true meaning. I am not here to say I have it all figured out, but I do think I have filtered through all the bullshit to find some deep simplicity that I think could help you.


1. This all boils down to the ability to believe. We are not taught how to do all. We are sometimes taught religion which is an extension of faith, we are sometimes taught to not quit, or about life consequences. We are sometimes taught about what not to do, what to be fearful of, or what the world and society "expects" of us .... but when are we taught to unconditionally believe in ourselves??? I am extremely grateful to have grown up in a household that truly encouraged me to chase even my wildest dreams but when you step into the real world, everything tries to distract you from truly believing in yourself. The art of believing is in learning how to eliminate all and any opposing energy. That means canceling all negative thoughts, creating boundaries by not internalizing any energy that is sent your way to make you question, doubt, or worry (and most often times this comes your way in human form). It is truly being naive to the fear of what could be, and being confident and strong willed in what you have mentally determined WILL BE.


2. You gotta see it. Visualization is a powerful tool in many aspects of life. I first became familiar with the power of it and practiced my ability to do it when I was a track runner. Our coach would have us visualize every part of the race we were about to run for an entire month before the race. The people, the sounds, the feeling we had, exactly where we passed exactly what competitor, and the times we would get each lap. I remember thinking he was crazy until I read this research article about this runner who had suffered an injury and was unable to actually train before a very important race. Instead her training consisted of visualizing the race, every single detail of it. Not only did she win the race, it happened exactly how she mentally practiced, right down to the place she passed the runner in the lead and the time to the second on the clock. You see our mind is a delicate yet powerful tool we often use in the wrong ways. We get so caught up in filling it with static information off pages in school but do not realize it's function beyond being a hard drive of information, is thought-processing. All day, every day, your mind consists of thoughts. Some are conscious and others are subconscious, but they happen all the time and even in our sleep. Repetitive and intentional thought patterns can create they automatic patterns which can lead to set routines and behavioral outcomes. For example, when someone comes up behind you and scares you, you do not think "okay leg muscles contract", they just do so you can run and run away quickly. However, let's say you are learning a new exercise in the gym, you intentionally have to think about what muscles need to activate and when. Overtime and consistent repetition, conscious thought becomes subconscious. If it is true in all these physical examples I have given, why can't it apply to bringing things into fruition in your life as well? Make the thoughts of what you want so consistent and regular by SEEING it as you are thinking it that it literally has no choice but to become part of your life.


3. You gotta speak like you have it. Now the way we word things really matters and being aware of your speech of thought is important as well. Saying "I wish", "I hope", "maybe", "someday" are not convincing terms and really just mean you don't actually believe they can be yours. Comparison is the other killer. "She/he is so lucky to have that", "I want to be like them one day", are all placing what you want outside your own life and into someone else's, and also taking your focus external versus inward. Your story is not their story. Just as I tell clients to stop looking and comparing to other people's bodies. Someone else's body, the way they got it, what they do, their genetics, perhaps even if they have surgery are all their story and have absolutely no parallels to your life and your body. Make sure you word all your thoughts and writings as 'I have". You have to be thinking from a position of already obtaining, already being there and really get use to how it feels. If it is a dream car, then you already have it. Your thoughts should be around you driving it, parking it, what it feels like sitting inside. The more we word things about being in out futures, the further we are placing them away from us.


4. Routine and consistency in thought. Just like the woman who trained for the whole entire race in her mind daily, you cannot just sometimes think things, sometimes write them down and then go weeks not even giving it energy. Routine and consistency are two things that create results in every aspect of our life, so it applies to your mind as well. Do not add pressure to yourself like it's a meeting scheduled in your day as you do not want to develop a negative association with the act of it, however do create a routine. Perhaps it is a morning routine while your mind is fresh for the day, or a bedtime routine to add these thoughts in your mind to marinate overnight. Regardless, make this way of thinking a part of your life. Replace worry with it. Replace stress with it. Stop overthinking your future and bring yourself to a place of being where you want and now.


5. Remove distractions. Your damn phone. Honestly take this piece of advice beyond this article. STOP spending every free moment on your phone. The amount of distraction in everyone's daily life is unreal now. I am not going to go on a rant, this is a whole separate blog piece, but the more you get in a zombie state of checking social media, the news, emails, or whatever else your phone does, the less you are in your current moment, present state of mind and ability to be in tune with yourself. 


6. Actually move towards it. So manifesting thoughts are cool, but hate to tell you it isn't some magical spell where you can sit on your couch and think your way to millions. You do need to support this wave of thinking and unconditional believing into action. Make a plan towards these things, immerse yourself in it, research it, educate yourself on it, look at images pertaining to it. If you are manifesting to have your very own building for your business, then start looking up real estate, even if you are going to aim to make it happen in four years, start looking now. You have to take the steps. Move in that direction even if you do not know the exact details of "how" learn them and do not accept any other option but it is already yours. 


7. Don't overthink. This goes back to the power of your mind. As powerful as our mind can manifest, it can also sabotage. One of the biggest forms of self-sabotage is overthinking. You see overthinking is disguised as protecting us, logic, or being "smart". When the reality is, it quite often keeps us living in a box of "what if's". Now I am not saying drain your savings and go get the G-wagon when you can't even pay rent. But I am saying to stop looking for all the reasons something cannot work, when that energy can be spent on making it work.


Now get a notepad or journal that you simply dump these manifesting thoughts on daily. 


Catch my energy,