The Great Conjunction Manifesting Guide

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The Great Conjunction Manifesting Guide


Happy Great Conjunction Day (12-21). I am sure you have seen numerous Instagram posts by now about it, but let me simplistically explain what is happening. Tonight (currently), Jupiter and Saturn are so close together that from our naked eye here on Earth they appear as one, forming what is referred to as the Christmas Star. Its been 800 years since this alignment has gone down. Not to mention it is the winter solstice. Aka, there is some pretty magical energy tonight, and a necessary collective shift that we all needed.

Energy is the strongest force, period. In fact, we are made of energy, so when these energetic occurrences happen, of course they effect us. Put all humans differences aside, we all have this commonality of energy.

Now why do we need to spend extra attention to our thoughts during energy shifts such as tonight? Well, manifesting actually happens 24/7, whether you are intentionally doing so. Your energy is a result of your thoughts. Basically, the universe is listening to everything. The more energy (intentional thoughts) you put towards something the more that 'thing' will then be attracted to you. It is like the concept that you will find what you are looking for. Talk about a yellow car and then you will probably see one because your thoughts and energy were surrounded with intentions of seeing a yellow car. This is why you can be manifesting things you don't want if you aren't aware of it. If you are constantly thinking of the potential negative outcome in a situation, you are actually putting energy towards it then occurring.

So the word manifesting is used when we really intentionally create energy around an outcome we want to happen. Your thoughts and energy tonight are amplified by this alignment we are experiencing. So with all that said these are things to keep in mind while manifesting tonight:

  1. You really have to think and feel it. Visualize it like you already have it and be extremely detailed and descriptive of it. The more you can direct all your senses towards the moment and action of obtaining this 'thing', the more energy you are putting towards it. If it is getting the car you want, I want you to not only see yourself as a third party watching yourself drive it, but feel the wind as you drive, the feeling of the steering wheel, the places you are going to drive with it. The ease you feel a you pay for it, the positive things having it will lead to like adventures or driving to your amazing job. All positive things.
  2. Let go and release of all what no longer serves you. Do not focus on these things or put energy towards them, do the exact opposite, Completely detach and let go. If it helps write that you are releasing these things that no longer serve you and literally get rid of that piece of paper by ripping it up. I have even seen writing it on a plate and smashing it. Whatever helps you feel the release. This is your written contract with yourself and the universe, you can't half ass this process and then repeat these thoughts and patterns because that's basically telling the universe to not take you serious.
  3. Write the things you are manifesting at least three times and say them as you write them...outloud.
  4. Disconnect tonight as you do it. Turn off your phone, be by yourself. Outside energy can throw this off.
  5. You really have to believe these things. This is the most critical part. Don't just write a 'dream' you then believe is far-fetched and out of reach. That isn't how this works. You can't say something like "I will be a millionaire" then not believe its possible or doubt every part of the how. You have to whole heartedly and undoubtedly believe with every cell in your body. The 'how' doesn't have to be currently figured out in manifesting however you do have to believe the how will present itself and the combination of belief with then movement towards it will deliver it at the exact time it is meant for you.
  6. Be still and present for the rest of tonight and tomorrow morning. Be calm, be at peace. Let the energy do its thing.


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Happy manifesting babe!