Meet ME!

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Meet ME!
I am Emily, but I go by Em. 
I was born and raised in Canada and now reside in sunny California. I am a former athlete, Kinesiologist and have been training people for the last 10 years. Over my career, working with people in a personal training setting taught me so much about humans and how from birth to our path as an adult we try to navigate outside ourselves instead of through ourselves. When you start changing hundreds of bodies you realize you have changed hundred of lives. From my words, my conversations, and through my own journey, I started looking at the body differently. I started seeing people not by how much weight they wanted to lose, but by how much they had to reconnect to themselves. 
I am very grateful to have built a social media platform which has given me the ability to reach people all over the world. But, being a trainer for 10 years I watched the fitness industry change immensely over that time with the introduction of social media. It started to become more about the "influencer/trainer", more about flashy videos, or angled ideals, and less about actual health (mentally and physically). To be completely honest, especially as a female in the industry, it took more time and effort to prove professionalism, and to be taken as a serious trainer because the norm being a female in fitness became 'oh she must be an IG fitness girl'. It almost felt like a guilty until proven innocent situation. Being a female in a male dominated industry, I was always used to proving myself in a room full of men, but I wasn't used to having to not only prove my ability/knowledge, but then also proving I am actually serious about what I do in an app full of hyper sexualized  photos for likes. The icing on the cake  for me to want to create change was receiving countless DM's from younger females so mentally effected from what "social media fitness" has become. The ideals they are seeing every day when they open these apps, the ill-advice being given, the extreme diets or supplements being promoted by influencers who just wanted the brand deal money but don't even take it, the deception of advertising, all created such a toxic space. It really hit me that health and fitness wasn't about people actually becoming healthier and happier anymore, it was about monetary gain and algorithms. People's desperation for wanting to change their bodies and health, their frustration of trying multiple things that didn't work, and their questioning of image and worth were all being used for profit and a follow. This was when I knew, rather than fighting to prove something in this industry, it was time for me to exit it and simply create my own. My own space, my own concepts, my own environment. Define my own influence, impact and purpose.
One of the first steps in this process was writing Un-Diet, which is a book turned into nutrition system that is designed to teach you how to eat again (no diets, no fads, no gimmicks). Food is such a big problem when it comes down to every way the body functions, illness, mental health and more. It is one of the most important changes anyone can make in their life. What we ingest both physically and mentally completely determines the chemistry of our body, which is why I created easy to digest knowledge in the form of a book. I want people to learn, not follow blindly.
I also teamed up with former NFL athlete and elite trainer Omar Bolden to create a workout app that involves minimal equipment and maximal effort called X2. We wanted to eliminate the limitations often created by gym spaces, by not having enough time and simply create the habit of movement. We view every single person as though they are an athlete. As Bill Bowerman said, "if you have a body you are an athlete" and we stand by that.
Now, it is my goal to bring everything together into this one place where I can continue to share and help you become more of yourself every day. Introducing Body By M, a platform and space that is devoted to everything that is you. A space created to teach, provide perspective, help you do introspective work, and give you the tools you need to further create and elevate yourself. I want you to think of this space as the map and I am simply a tour guide, it's still your journey and you have to ultimately be the one to walk it. I'm just glad to join you and help you. Life is a beautiful thing, and you deserve to know, it is in your hands.
Catch my energy,