Movies That Change Your Mental

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Movies That Change Your Mental


Our diets consist of much more than what we eat on a daily basis. We consume information and energy like we do air. The amount of unconscious consumption we do is alarming due to media, and it ALL effects your body. Why? Because it effects your mind. As I have said before and will continue to say, your mind is the control center for all that is you. That is, your energy (your soul), your body, and the cause-effect circumstances that unfold in your life. I did an article on how I dedicated myself to breaking negative habit cycles with my phone and how I curated the experience that my phone brings me. I made the exposure on my phone one of only good energy and put boundaries to ensure this happens with communication and social media on it.

It then hit me one night that what I watch is also having a big effect over the energy I absorb. I got rid of cable TV years ago because I found myself aimlessly scrolling and watching whatever was on. Also, I wanted to remove any and all news broadcasting from my life as it is such a distorted and manipulative energy share. However, during quarantine it hit me, I was using Netflix or Hulu as my end of the day "mindless entertainment" (I would refer to it as such). But, it is not so mindless, it is actually the exact opposite with its influence on the mind. I would notice all these romantic oriented reality shows would make me feel angry and reinforce trauma I was actually trying to get over, as it focused and over exaggerated situations such as the man cheating and lying. I binged watched Tiger King and felt negatively consumed by continuing to say to myself "how do people even behave like this". Every time I would mindlessly watch TV I would feel like energy was drained of me rather than gained. 

The icing on the cake for me in this realization that the act of manifesting can also happen via this repeated consumption. To manifest, the first thing anyone will tell you is the repetitive whole hearted belief. So, we write out what we want on paper over and over again. We tell ourselves what we WILL have over and over again. We visualize it and see it like it is done. Read that last line again. We visualize it repeatably. The act of watching media is visualizing without closing our eyes. It is a visualization painted right in front of our eyes for us. If you watch something that is carefully curated enough, you will begin to believe it. That's just human nature. Depending on how you receive the message of what you are watching will depend on what you are actually manifesting while doing so. For example, with one of the movies I listed below, The Wolf Of Wall Street, if you watch it thinking 'I sure hope I won't get addict to drugs and lose my significant other', you are visualizing that as you life and thinking you don't want it. Your mind is registering it as you are picturing it as your life. Remember the mind doesn't know the difference between wanting something or fearing something, it just knows the amount of time you spend visualizing and thinking about it, and the depth of belief that you have towards it (this could be negatively or positively). Now, conversely if you watch it and think 'I want to move fearlessly forward towards execution of my ideas even if others doubt me' like Leo's character did, then you are visualizing yourself as an unstoppable figure moving without fear. 

I am not saying that you cannot watch something for the simple joy of entertainment. But, what I am saying is become aware and responsible for the continuous media consumption you have on a regular basis. I've listed below 6 of My Top Movies that helped Shape My Mental. So, this weekend, if you haven't seen one, I hope you watch it and it brings a level of awareness and motivation that you can carry forward into next week.

Catch My Energy,




Without Limits, 1998. The (true) story of America's Leading Long Distance Runner and his coach Bill Bowerman. This movie single handedly shaped my mentality as an athlete and will forever shape the way I approach things.



Forrest Gump, 1994. If you watch this and don't learn about what life is really about, you watched it wrong.



The Wolf Of Wall Street, 2013. Putting all the illegal actions and relationship problems aside, there are actually so many lessons of success within this script. Hidden gems like how to build business with others, the temptations of success and more are all the be extracted from this classic. 



The Pursuit Of Happyness, 2006. Against all odds, when the world is against you, life reveals itself. Have the tissue box ready. Sometimes we all need the reminder this movie provides.



Shawshank Redemption, 1994. We ALL have a past, and no one is perfect. This movie demonstrates the power of hope, persistence, and empathy. One of my all time favorite quotes came from this movie; "I have to remind myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged.”



Rocky, (all of them). The Rocky series is again one of my top athlete application to life movies. My view of sport/fitness and life has always been that of what these movies portray. Training is just a metaphor for life. You really unlock and learn the limitations you once thought you had when you break through thresholds with your body. You can literally never unlearn those realizations. And if you can get through anything training, you sure as hell can get through anything in life. If you watch all of them this weekend, be prepared to train like you never have before next week.