The Top Plants For Beginners

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The Top Plants For Beginners


So maybe your finger isn't green....yet. I am here to bring green into your space. When I say seeing the amount of new plant parents during quarantine brought joy to my heart, I mean it, I am smiling ear to ear every plant post I get tagged in. For me, my place literally turned into a jungle BUT let me tell you this air quality! Here are five reasons you should have at least one house plant:

1. As with anything, plants have energy....that good energy. Plants thrive in positive environments. They have actually done studies comparing types of music and the positive calming music led to the greatest growth results. Energy doesn't lie ya'll.

2. The reminder of how to flourish. I could go on plant-life metaphors for days... but they are a great reminder that we can grow through anything.

3. They don't talk back, and sometimes we all need to just vent without anyone talking back 

4. Purify the air: plants literally produce oxygen for us to breathe in in exchange for water and love. Not a bad deal.

5. Interior design 101.....plants are a vibe


Okay now that I have you convinced, let me introduce you to 5 plants that are extremely hard to kill and flourish in low light indoor situations. The first thing you need to do is download the app "Planta".... it literally scans your room for the light and tells you where each plant will thrive. It also reminds you when to water and fertilize. You literally cannot kill a plant with this app.



 Top 5 Plants


1. Aloe Vera

 Not only does this plant thrive in a low maintenance situation (does not need much water at all, in fact it is best to let the soil dry out), it also is such a beneficial plant. If you cut a leaf and peel the outer skin you get aloe...medicinal for inside and outside our bodies. The plant then keeps growing and regenerating after the leaf is cut. So truly the gift that keeps on giving.



2. Snake Plant

This plant will forgive and forget even if you forget about it. One of the most low maintenance plants there is and it does really well in low light situations. If you are never home or travel a lot, this is the plant for you.


3. Pothos

 This is a climber. It will keep getting longer and really can make for some beautiful growing decor. They do like humidity but do not need to be watered often (like once a week type of deal)... to keep the humidity just get a mister off amazon and spray every 5 or so days!



4. Succulents, Air Plants or Cacti 

Any succulents, air plants or cacti are beyond easy to care for. They just need light and some occasion words of affirmation (haha okay so maybe I talk to my plants)... do not over water and you are good to go!



5. ZZ Plant

This guy literally only needs water like every 18 days, you let the soil dry up almost completely, you do not need to mist it, and it prefers shade. Its such a beautiful green addition to any space!


Can't wait to see all your plant babies!


Catch My Energy,