Random Things That Have Made My Life Better

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Random Things That Have Made My Life Better


Welcome to a super random but helpful list of things that have made my life better. I can thank the Amazon suggestions list or my late night Tiktok scrolling for finding these things that have brought a level of convenience to my daily life, and maybe they can for you too!




For me, saving money has not always been the easiest when it feels like there is always a new expense popping up. One of the things that has helped me save money without it even feeling like it is Acorns. It rounds up all my card purchases and you can set automatic deposits every month.


Shower Filter:

So this purchase was prompted after seeing a disgusting video of what is in LA water. Trust me, it isn't just LA with extremely questionable water. Our skin and our hair absorbs everything we put on it. We should not just be conscious of what we consume, we also should be aware of what we absorb. This filter is super easy to install and my hair has literally changed since using it. 


Fast af Water Filter:

The same video also prompted this purchase. I was using a basic Brita filter before and after I did a lot of comparison research, I realized it wasn't filtering as I wanted. Hydros is extremely fast at filtering which makes it really easy to ONLY use filtered water. Replacement filters are also affordable. 


Insulated Meal Prep Purse:

Bringing your meal prep with you can also be cute. Don't let not being near a fridge prevent you from having food on deck. It is my "on the road" way to keep on my meal plan. 


Meal Prep System:

Human nature tends to lean towards if it is hard (aka takes extra time, makes a mess, etc), we will be less likely to do it. For meal prepping to really work, you need to make it fit int your lifestyle, not make it more difficult. 


Sneaker Cleaning Bag:

This is a great method of keeping your kicks clean! Because you know I have to keep the kicks clean.


Sunrise Alarm Clock:

Our circadian rhythm set the entire tone for all of our body's systems. How we wake up can shift this rhythm. This clock not only gradually wakes you up with light as thought it is the sun rising, it removes needing your phone in the rom emitting light that interrupts your sleep cycle.


Acupressure Mat:

Quite possibly the best part of my morning. I do my 10 minute Calm app meditation on this thing and it is a game changer. Also, I have been working at my neck posture from having terrible forward head posture from being on my phone. Highly suggest!