This Year Has Been A LOT but here is how to end the year on a positive note

This Year Has Been A LOT but here is how to end the year on a positive note


Let's just both take a deep breath together. Ready, inhale for 1, 2, 3. Hold. Now exhale for 3, 2, 1, dropping your shoulders and unclenching your jaw. Your body is been in self-defense, paranoid, panic, and WTF mode for almost a whole year. It's tired. The 2020 Fatigue, as I have named it, is real, so real. In fact, I guarantee the studies of 2020 related adrenal fatigue will start popping up in the news early next year. Just like an injury can cause a compensation injury after it heals, our injured society from this pandemic is going to have a lot of consequential injuries from the lack of mental support and guidance given during this past year.

I personally felt like I hit my wall with the news of this second wave and second shut down here in LA. Seeing other parts of the world living like its 2018, and then getting the simple luxury of walking outside taken away is a real swift kick in your spirit. I think the hardest part of all this is the not knowing part, because it is extremely hard to plan your daily life and livelihood if you do not know what the next day will bring. But that is where I had to pause to reveal the ultimate lesson. 

I'm sure you all can relate to finding hidden lessons amongst the chaos this year. But, it was in my "I can't do another month of this" break down that I realized how to not only maximize December, but enter 2021 equipped with a whole new set of tools. I honestly refuse to do anything but elevate, so I really had to extract this lesson from it all. You see the not knowing part is the greatest teacher of detachment. If you can learn to stop the act of expectation, and completely detach from the outcome but truly believe in the outcome, it WILL always work out.... it just may not happen in the original way you were once married to. The "let go" and trust is such an underrated life tool, but one you MUST take into 2021 to elevate.

December might feel different this year, but here is my approach to letting go and really repairing myself from the state of 2020 Fatigue I was stuck in;


1. Deload. Take a day to just completely let go of all this 2020 negativity. I'm not saying ignore the importance of being safe, but tune out of the news, quarantine as much as you can, focus on YOUR health, and just get rid of anything that makes you feel paranoid or anxious. Anytime someone wants to have a COVID news related convo with me, I actually shut it down. I believe the more energy you give something, even including repeating news such as "did you hear how long we are locked down", the more that 'thing' has an effect over your life. I recognize to be safe and healthy, I take that seriously and then let it go. This pandemic will end when it ends, I have zero control beyond my own personal responsibility, so I completely detach from the expectation of when it will be done, I simply trust it will be.


2. Embrace the new way of doing the Holidays. Christmas and New Year is my favorite time of year. I literally get excited the second Thanksgiving is over. This year, the Holidays looks much different but instead of being sad about my traditions being shifted, I am looking at how I can make THIS Christmas have its own traditions. If anything, we are being forced to focus on what the Holidays are truly about.... love and gratitude. Not flooding the malls and being stuck in Holiday travel traffic is actually a great thing. So Make your Merry.... have a cookie painting day, watch Holiday Food Network shows, FaceTime your family. You can't cancel good energy.


3. December 21. Look up. Its going to be a moment we will never get in our lifetimes again.... in fact it is the first time in 800 years. Jupiter and Saturn will align so closely that to our eye we will see it as one amazing display known as the Star of Bethlehem. I think this is a pretty special occurrence, so only bring positive thoughts and energy to that moment...who knows what magic can happen!


4. Learn a new way of goal setting for 2021 that is on the basis of detachment. I normally set my 'New Years resolutions' so specific, and then as the year ends when I look back and didn't 'accomplish' one or two I get a feeling of disappointment and that next year I have to go harder. This ends here. 2020 taught us, the how is variable... so I am setting 2021 goals not based on other things I cannot control, but rather on things I personally can control. For example one of my 2020 goals was to do a world tour... my 2021 goal is to get people all over the world doing my workouts, the how is left blank, but I know I WILL make it happen, I am open to the way in which it does. I strongly suggest to have a notebook where you write these down and then create a vision board. I am super into making my vision board and thinking of recording it for you guys this year. Maybe a Youtube?


5. Spend this month on you. BE selfish. If you let yourself become completely drained, you are actually going to have a draining effect on others. Recharge your battery. Do what you need to do for you. If you are feeling unmotivated and just "blah", that's your spirit telling you to recharge, reset, and recalibrate. 


Just know, you are not alone in this mess. But we can create something beautiful by aligning all of our individual pieces. 


Catch My Energy,





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