Body By Me: Reconnecting You to You

Welcome to Body By Me, the space devoted to reconnecting you to you.
If you have found yourself here, then there is a small chance that you are searching for some answers. Whether it be on how stay motivated, how to lose weight, or what to eat, here you are searching for something to lead you on the right path. Chances are you have also done every workout you've seen on Instagram, tried every detox or diet pill, gone from keto to intermediate fasting to giving up a million times. You have probably said the words "maybe this is just how I am", compared yourself to Instagram ideals (even though deep down you know they are all photoshopped and showing their best angles it is still hard not to compare), or have gotten in your own way of consistency with self-sabotage. Maybe you've been stuck in the same day to day routine for years, feel like you want more but don't know what that "more" is. Perhaps you are feeling like your energy is drained, like no matter how much sleep you get your battery is flashing to be plugged in. If you related to any of the above, congrats you are human and not a robot. Also you've come to the right place.
Sometimes the secret you are looking for to feel yourself again, to love yourself again, to feel good again isn't about what you need to add to yourself, it's simply about uncovering what is already inside and removing the layers that no longer serve us. Often as we get older, and we gain a year like a ring on a tree trunk, we also get further away from intrinsically who we are. "Life happens", things get complicated, we gain responsibility, we lose time. All of this leads to us to going through the motion of life and not truly living it.
Body By Me Method means; your body if the vehicle in which you get to experience your life. It holds your mind and soul. Your life and all that is YOU is created by YOU, absolutely no one else. No one else can make you, break you, or create you and I need you to understand that. The definition of Method is a procedure for accomplishing or approaching something. Our whole life is systematic as such. From our sleep schedules to our work schedules, to eating times. We celebrate holidays on the same calendar days, we know to drive on a particular side of the road. All systems. In fact our body functions as smoothly as it does because of all the complex systems working together inside of you. Our method is simple. We are energy. That energy flows from our mind to our body to our soul. No one can exist in its highest potential without the other. Much like a circuit board, it must be connected to flow. You are a result of your flow of energy. The procedure of thoughts, actions, and consumption is what can connect that flow. Align it.
The Body By Me Method is therefore composed of three main pillars;
The Mind
The Body
& Energy
I wanted to create a space of knowledge that is everything I have studied, experienced, self-taught and collected along my journey of life thus far. It developed from the way I worked with my clients, which honestly was an extension of how I treated myself on a daily basis and the ways in which I lived, thought and moved. One day a client had said to me, you aren't just a fitness trainer your a life trainer. You see, anyone honestly can log onto Instagram and get someone to do those workouts and see some result. Movement is movement. But the true change physically happens inside of you first. Your body is a reflection of your internal state. So that's why working out is just a piece of what I do with my clients. Now, its what I am sharing with you here.
Here you can find:
  • The Blog: posts every week, covering every topic you can think of that surrounds good energy
  • The Store
  • The Space: The transformation studio (physical location)
  • Youtube Channel
  • The Newsletter: Get weekly doses of good énergie
The best way to use this space, is to check it as much as you check your instagram feed (also follow us there @bodybymemethod)... Consider this space a tool belt you can wear (virtually).
I hope there is even a small trinket or gem you can pick up from coming here, and that can add good energy into your life. Maybe it is a small habit, or a slight change in your way of thinking. As long as I have inspired you to reach within and connect to yourself on the realest layer that you can, then I have done my job. The only two things I ask of you is to always be unapologetically you and spread this energy to someone else who needs it most.
Catch My Energy,